Marketing Tools

Catch consumers' attention right away and increase interaction frequency with customers.


Digital Coupons

Digitize discount coupons for easy customer attraction and subsequent tracking benefits.
Membership Gifts
Birthday Gifts
Survey Gifts
Membership Upgrade Gifts
Product Redeem Coupons
Discount coupons

Automatic Trial Coupons

You issue the coupon, and Ocard helps you attract customers! Use impactful Trial Coupons to entice consumers. With exposure on the Ocard APP reaching millions of members, customer attraction becomes effortless.
Ocard APP helps with exposure
Reach a large number of potential customers
Attract new customers to visit physical stores
Auto push notifications to attract new memberships

Mobile Surveys

Automatically send post-purchase surveys to capture key feedback. The system integrates and analyzes surveys, detects critical comments, and sends notifications for prompt resolution of customer complaints.
Target customers with surveys
Automatically label through data from surveys
Send gift automatically for completing surveys

Lottery Modules:
Scratch Cards, Four Choices One

The lottery module enhances interaction with customers, offering gifts like spending threshold, birthday, and membership upgrade coupons. These modules effectively boost incentives for consumption and revisits.

Gift Bundle

Combine multiple designed "gift vouchers" or "membership points" into gift packages and send them all at once to your specified customer base. Perfect for festive and anniversary event gift bags.

Friend Referral(MGM)

Share exclusive invitation links with friends and earn additional discounts. Gift voucher discounts attract loyal customers to bring in new customers, making member recruitment more efficient.

Online Coupon Redemption and Membership Sign-Up

Expose discount coupons on your fan page and website, attract customers to claim vouchers online, join the membership, and guide them to shop regularly.
You're one step away from turning 20% of marketing costs into 80% of revenue.